USMLE Step 1 Materials


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

- Benjamin Franklin

Preparing for Step 1

The top recommended materials for preparing for USMLE Step 1 are FIRST AID, PATHOMA, and U WORLD QBANK. The following are audio recordings, word-for-word, of every chapter in FIRST AID and PATHOMA. It is recommended that you purchase these texts and thoroughly understand them.

These recordings are to be used only as supplementary material. All rights are reserved to FIRST AID and PATHOMA. These materials are to be used solely for educational purposes and not to be sold, as per 17 U.S. Code § 107. Best of luck!

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First Aid: Behavioral Science (32-46)

First Aid: Biochemistry - Molecular (48-57)

First Aid: Biochemistry - Cellular (58-64)

First Aid: Biochemistry - Laboratory Techniques (64-68)

First Aid: Biochemistry - Genetics (68-70)

First Aid: Biochemistry - Genetics (70-76)

First Aid: Biochemistry - Nutrition (76-82)

First Aid: Biochemistry - Metabolism (83-105)

First Aid: Microbiology - Basic Bacteriology (108-117)

First Aid: Microbiology - Clinical Bacteriology (118-134)

First Aid: Microbiology - Mycology (135-138)

First Aid: Microbiology - Parasitology (139-145)

First Aid: Microbiology - Virology (146-160)

First Aid: Microbiology - Systems (161-169)

First Aid: Microbiology - Antimicrobials (170-187)

First Aid: Immunology - Lymphoid Structures and Lymphocytes (190-197)

Pathoma Chapter 1: Growth Adaptations, Cellular Injury, and Cell Death

Pathoma Chapter 2: Inflammation, Inflammatory Disorders, and Wound Healing

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