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The Why

Students attending some of the Los Angeles area high schools may not have the necessary educational support from family to succeed in their academic endeavors. Even though hundreds of thousands of students are eligible for tutoring at no cost under the No Child Left Behind law, less than 15% of them are receiving such tutoring, according to the U.S. Department of Education (GreatSchools 2015). Given the importance of high school academics as a gateway to adulthood, most students cannot achieve their potential.

Duarte High School’s goal is “for each senior to be recruited after his or her graduation; whether it be to a four-year college, a culinary arts program, a vocational/trade school, the armed services, or an art or fashion institute, DHS expects its graduates to be marketable.  Connecting learners with their passion is the driving force of our school."

To achieve this goal, the school dedicates as many resources as possible to academics, but like for many other high schools, additional resources are always welcome.”

Where we come in

The Opening Doors Foundation works through volunteers to help high school students that may not have adequate family support in their academic lives. Few nonprofits cater to them, and we want to improve their lives by tutoring them, providing guidance and creating a supportive environment.

We not only provide tutoring in academic subjects, we also engage the students in dialogue about future career plans with the idea of provind a supporting forum for the students to explore what careers may be most suitable to them. Our talks are in alignment with the Schools mission that says:"Connecting learners with their passion is the driving force of our school".

In addition, we recognize the importance of incorporating both tutoring and extracurricular recreation to effect comprehensive life improvements so in addition to providing academic support, we host social events such as basketball or going out for food.

The Impact

We currently provide tutoring to over 900 students per week at Duarte High School this academic year.

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